vex 2 free

Are you ready for another adrenaline-rush experience? Test your skills and see if you can survive in the action packed adventure Vex 2 game. It is the second sequel of the Vex game series. Join the stick figure once again in his fun but dangerous journey. Help him out in the new levels filled with new obstacles.


Vex 1 had gained great popularity in just a short period of time because of the fun it brings while playing. So here comes Vex 2 which is more challenging than the original Vex. Once again help your stick figure in running, jumping, sliding and swimming while avoiding obstacles along the way. Be quick and try to finish each Act in the shortest possible time. Checkpoints are scattered for your convenience. However, be careful not to be caught in traps or obstacles.

At the beginning of the game, you will find the Play button, the Stage Builder, the Achievements and the Options buttons. When you choose to Play, you will automatically begin the game in the Tutorial. This will help you be familiarized with the controls and get a general idea of how the game will be. After the Tutorial is the Act 1. Try to finish all ten Acts. Just like in Vex 1, Vex 2 has the Stage Builder where you can create your own stages. But to build a good stage, you must have tools to use. In this installment, you have the basic starter building pack to unlock more builder packs, you must play the game and complete each Act.

A new feature in this version is the Achievements. There are twenty nine Achievements to complete which gets harder to accomplish as you go higher. Try your best to complete them all as you play the game. In the Options panel, you can turn on or off the music and sound effect volume, the blend mode and the particle. You can also choose to reset the game by clearing the data.

Vex 2 is an exciting skill game where you also need to employ some strategies. The stick figure is very easy and simple to control. You only need your keyboard in playing. Use the A,S,W,D keys or the arrow keys in guiding him.