Race Battle or Cooperate in Puzzles in Platform Racing 3

Race, hack and slash your enemies and cross the finish line first. Or if competition is not your thing, take on all the challenges that they throw on you and collect badges, or, put your name on the hall of fame in Platform Racing 3. Get past through stages with puzzling mechanics or fight against other players across the globe. Stages are built by programmers and moderators regularly, every time the last stage is finished by someone.

This online puzzle and running game has a very rich gameplay and great extra features. The controls are very basic, you use the arrow keys or W, A, S and D to control your character and the left-click button on the mouse to fire weapons. There are different game modes that you can play and each have a different kind of fun and excitement to it. First is the classic race where you run against 3 other opponents in an obstacle filled track. There are no tools and weapons that can be used but there are tricky parts in the track where one wrong step can lead to your demise. The first one who crosses the finish line wins. And there is the Multiplayer PvP, or Player versus Player, you, along with 3 other players are locked in a room trying to eliminate everyone. All players are your enemies and there is no mode for coop battle. There is a time limit and in the case that nobody died, the one with the highest HP wins.


And lastly there is the Trapper, the most interesting mode in Platform Racing 3. Move along a series of puzzles and mazes that are extremely difficult, each with badge after you complete one. You can also play with 3 other players so they can help you out after you fail to make it through the end flat form. After all 4 players are trapped in an area underneath the maze, the game will be over. The levels in the Trapper are regularly checked and fixed for bugs, and after a number of players finished a stage the developers will add more for the players to try out and finish. Try Platform Racing at http://platformracing3.org.