Play Strike Force Heroes 3 for free

Strike Force Heroes 3 is another addicting episode of the game series Strike Force Heroes. It is the most sophisticated in the series. This shooting game is once again full of action and will surely entertain you, your family and friends as well as other online players in all corners of the world. Enjoy every single minute of this game in different game modes.


In this episode, GlobeX is very much determined to destroy the world. He made replica of armies led by clones of strike force heroes. You are the only one who is not yet under his control and you are the one tasked to stop the GlobeX nightmare. You can accomplish this mission by looking for your former squad partners and by assembling a team to face and fight the evil plan of GlobeX.

You as a player, you play as the commander of the military team. Your ultimate mission is to protect territories and capture enemy grounds. Being the commander, every decision is under your control even in choosing your men and the color of their uniforms. It is also your mission to gather your former teammates to fight back GlobeX and stop his evil plans.

There are fifty missions to complete in this episode. The difficulty in the first twenty of your missions is normal. When you reach twenty one to twenty eight missions, those levels are a little harder and the remaining missions are the most difficult among them all. Every mission is not equally the same with another mission. They always have differences in objectives and rewards. Some of the rewards are cash, unlocking the next mission and unlocking including its rewards. Spend your cash reward to upgrade your heroes and their accessories.

There are various classes of strike force heroes in Strike Force Heroes 3. Some of them are the Engineer, Gunslinger and Strife. Each hero has its own traits and basic statistics. Some can respawn quickly a death while some can regenerate health points, and others have different characteristics. Read more about the game at and play it for free too.