Help Simon Reclaim the Treasure in Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 2 is the continuation of Simon’s fight for the treasure he had found in Raft Wars 1. After the fight against foes who wanted to get hold of the treasure, Simon and his brother decided to have a vacation. They buried the treasure in the island before leaving. But when they returned, a water park was built right on top of the spot where they buried their treasure. So, their mission is to reclaim their treasure by sneaking into the water park. This time, you are to hit not only enemies, but also obstacles or objects that stand in your way.
Raft Wars 2 is a fun flash game. In this sequel, levels are a little bit difficult and getting more difficult as you upgrade and level up. To play for free, you could visit the website that offer free play of flash games.

Raft Wars 2 (1)