Help MORT the Sniper to Snipe bad guys

MORT the Sniper is a fun and free shooting game online for teens and above. If you like guns and love shooting it, this is the perfect game for you. Your ultimate goal is to assassinate bad guys in the society using your lovely gun with built-in auto-zoom telescope. This is very easy and full of excitement game. It is just a mouse click to aim and shoot your target individual. It only takes one bullet for every target.

MORT the Sniper 2

Check your pulse how flawless shooter are you. Your targets are moving, that means, if you do not shoot them in a perfect time, they will be gone. You’ll not see them anymore. So, stay focus and be alert. Steady on your target and be careful. Shooting an innocent means a failure in your mission. Be a sniper and kill as many as you can but only n this challenging flash game.