Guide the chicken in Telepoultry

Do you have an idea what Telepoultry is? If you are not familiar with it, it is fine because this content will help you be aware or knowledgeable about the mentioned topic. Telepoultry is an example of a flash game which is about chicken. There are three reasons why you should check this game out. First is because of the involvement of entertaining themes and graphics. Second is because of the unique story. Last is because of the challenge and fun combined on the game play.


The story in this game is about Bawk Bawk which is a chicken on a mission to be the farmer’s meal which is quite surprising. To be successful, Bawk Bawk will be needing the gamers’ help. The objective is to control and guide the chicken as it passes on the way and overcome the obstacles set up in the game. Make sure that the farmer will have his chicken meal right on time.