Earn to Die 4 free

If you enjoy playing zombie games, you will surely love the Earn to Die game series. It is a racing game where you will simply drive and run over zombies. You do not have to worry about carrying guns and ammos or some kind of weapons to kill them and not be contaminated.


The story of Earn to Die started when the zombies invaded your hometown. Being one of the survivors, you looked for a way to finally escape these zombies and be in a safe place away from them. From not so far away, you saw a helicopter. Believing it could bring you some place safe, you aimed to get there. But you needed a vehicle not only to get to the helicopter, but to also kill all zombies that will get in your way.

Each run you make is equal to a day. And you earn cash for every zombie you killed and the distance you have reached. At the end of the day, you should and you must upgrade your vehicle. Upgrading your vehicle will make it perform better the next day and reach longer distance. However, in Earn to Die 1, one wheel upgrade was missing. Fortunately, in Earn to Die 4, the super wheel had finally been found.

In Earn to Die 4, once again play the original game of Earn to Die with all its improvements and complete upgrades. Start off with the small hatchback. When you have earned enough cash, buy the tougher vehicle, the good old pick up. Earn as much again to be able to buy the only vehicle that could finish the run to the helicopter, the heavy truck.

In Earn to Die 4, there are lots of improvements made. The second and third vehicles now cost a lot more than in the original game. That is an additional challenge for you on how to finish the game in the shortest possible time. Effects and animations were greatly improved, giving you the feeling of being personally in the situation. And what more, you can now enjoy playing Earn to Die 4 Super Wheel in your mobile, both iOS and Android. If you want to play free online you can check in earntodie4.org.