Duck Life 5 game

If you are looking for a game to enjoy playing, you should try playing one of the most in demand games online, the Duck Life game series. Each and every sequel is not only challenging, they are enticing as well. You can play all Duck Life game installments at

The story began when a farmer lost everything in his farm and left only with a duck egg. The farmer trained the duckling in skills like running, swimming and flying so they can enter in the tournaments. His purpose then was to win and use the winnings to reestablish his farm. Winning the tournaments, the farmer wanted more and so he trained the duckling more to join higher contests. He even came to the point of modifying the eggs genetically so that ducklings have inborn skills. But then, in Duck Life 4, genetically modified ducklings were banned from races and tournaments. You will be training your ducks in the traditional way, however, with the help of a trainer.


But Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt came out with a new type of adventure. There are no competitions or tournaments. No need of training your duckling and waiting for them to be well trained before you can go on. You can right away go in the cave to hunt for treasures.

After the Fire Duck has been defeated, the volcano has become dormant. Rumors had it that mysterious treasures were buried deep in the volcano. Treasure seekers all around the world travelled to the volcano to seek the treasures. Travel back to the volcano and explore the volcano’s cave and search for the hidden treasures before other treasure hunters plunder them all.

Just outside the volcano, you will find several shops where you can buy tools, accessories and pets! There is now a Pet Shop where you can acquire pets which will help you in your cave adventure. Each pet has different abilities like protecting you, attacking enemies before they harm you and a lot more.

There are also the Witch Ducktor Store and Mechanic Shop where you can get tools and accessories for your exploration. Then the JetPack Shop where you can find variety of jetpacks. And the Hairdresser and Clothing Stores where you can personalize your duckling’s get up.